Travel is one of the most competitive markets with cut-throat competition. End customers want the most competitive fares, quick turn-around-time, and exceptional customer service. With more than thousands to travel services providers, automation with high accuracy is the key to stay relevant. Traditional automation is not only expensive but also time-consuming to implement. Robotic Process Automation being a non-invasive automation technology can help automate traditional travel services organizations and help them remain competitive in the marketplace. Travel industry Automation gives customers the most competitive fares along with the good travelling experience. 


The client is one of the leading and fastest growing online travel services providers in the United States. The client focuses on providing competitive airfares, hotel and vacation packages to its customers.


  • Highly Manual
  • High Processing Time
  • High Error Rate
  • Sub-optimization of resources


RPATech, after analyzing the issues, proposed Robotic Process Automation to transform the existing manual process. Once implemented, the solution resulted in end-to-end automation of existing manual process:

  • The bot implemented read data from Excel sheets
  • Applied required filters
  • Extracted relevant fields from Excel
  • Extracted data was entered in Tally ERP
  • Relevant information, reports, and dashboards were emailed to respective stakeholders

The client was facing issues with miscellaneous charge order processing due to high volumes and quick turnaround time required to stay competitive. Some of the key issues identified were:


The bo successfully automated the miscellaneous charges order with the following benefits:

  • AHT reduced by 70%
  • Cost reduction by 65%
  • 0% Error rate
  • Higher efficiency & Productivity

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