Global manufacturing sectors are experiencing continued growth. However, the historically tight labor market was a potential constraint on the industry’s momentum. Another often-discussed constraint to continuing manufacturing’s momentum has been the ongoing uncertainty in tariffs and their subsequent impact on trade flows. Costs throughout the manufacturing value chain are seemingly impacted every day.

About The Client

India’s largest packaging company, which is specialized in sterilizable flexible packaging materials with high barrier and incredible shelf presence, specifically designed for thermal treatment.

Key Issues

This company operates on the Oracle platform, realized that processing supplier invoices through the system required many manual interventions, in terms of reading, validating, registering, and posting invoices. Automation was first implemented in one of the accounts payable (AP) teams, which processes approximately 4,000 invoices every month.

Our Solution :

RPATech analyzed the current processes and existing systems, post which technologies and platforms that enable automation were identified, and a full-fledged invoice processing solution was implemented for the client.

  • Bot logs into the required systems,
  • Reads and then register invoices in Oracle.
  • Performs validation including reconciliation against other systems.
  • Post, park, or block invoices on the basis of client business logic.

Automation  Benefits

With automation, the company managed to

  • Minimizes human intervention in invoice processing.
  • 65%-75% of the time saved on manual work.
  • Robotic Process Automation analyses process and systems.

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